40 Photos of Hawaii [STOCK PHOTO BUNDLE]



Grab this 40 pack of pinnable stock images! 🙂 These are not professional images by any means! I'm a lifestyle blogger and I shoot photos when I travel. My images are designed for those who love REAL lifestyle photos, not perfectly staged, artificially-lit ones.

USE: You can print these photos for personal or commercial use!

COMING SOON: California, Arizona


40 lifestyle images taken in Hawaii (3000x4500px)


Use as:

— ebook covers
— binder dividers
— images in blog posts
— and more!


Can I use this to create an opt-in? Yes!
Can I use this to create a product to sell? Yes!
Can I use this as PLR and give resale PLR rights to anyone? YES!
Can my virtual assistant access these templates? Yes!
Can I use these as a virtual assistant, for my clients? Yes!

License is valid for personal use or commercial use, AS WELL AS RESALE USE! This means you can package these images with articles and sell as PLR, giving usage rights to your clients. You cannot sell them as is, they MUST be bundled with text of some sort (ebook, course, articles, PDF, etc).

For example, selling an article with an image attached is fine. Selling a bundle of articles with the images as PLR is fine. Selling JUST the images is not.

Pssst… I write all of my PLR! If you're looking for help rewriting PLR, I highly recommend Jarvis. I use Jarvis for my sales copy, Facebook ad copy, blog post intros and conclusions, and for rewriting PLR I buy elsewhere.


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