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We can't add more to the 24 hours in a day we already get, we have to be more efficient with the time we have. That is where PLR comes in!

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Discover blog posts about how to use PLR. Gone are the days of PLR articles collecting digital dust: let’s put that PLR to use!

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If you have any questions at all, email me! I am happy to answer all PLR and blogging related questions. 🙂  [email protected]

What Makes PLR For Blogs Different?

This is not PLR content that has been recycled for years. All content was written in 2021. Please be patient as we add more articles weekly, and check your email for updates!

No more outdated text files with zero links and formatting. If information changes or needs to be updated, we update it so you have the most relevant information to share with your readers.

All of our Canva templates are designed for ease of use. You MUST have Canva PRO to access all of the images, so be sure to use the free trial they offer if you don't have PRO already. 🙂

We include affiliate link suggestions and ideas when possible. Anything in {brackets} or in red text is an opportunity to make money when you hit publish!

Our articles are all at least 750 words, with the average article being 1,000 words. Google loves long-form content, and having 1,000 words to work with makes your job so much easier! Gone are the days of 300-500 word “articles”. 300 words? I’m barely getting started!

Sure, bundles are a great way to save money, but they don’t do much good if you buy a bundle of 10 and only use one article. That’s why each article on PLR for Blogs is available for individual purchase for just a few bucks, as well as in bundles for a discount. 

Early on, I planned on writing all of the content for PLR for Blogs. However, I quickly realized I needed help! I hired a select few contributors and they helped me get this site launched. Each and every article is written by an experienced blogger and reviewed by yours truly, so you know the quality is top notch.

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